BOOZE Cooperativa, Athens, Greece

June 5-22, 2014.

An exhibition at BOOZE Cooperativa of a variety of works by international and local artists who for the last two months have met, lived and worked in Athens are unified by the desire to exhibit works addressing the concept of DΕΣ: ΔΕΣ to look in Greek, and DES in Spanish or DE in English, used as a prefix in to denote negation or inversion of meaning; the diversity of works that will be presented, and created exclusively for this show, attempt to explain the probable and improbable within the Athenian urban landscape as seen from the eyes of foreign and local artists. What we do in our city, and how it is constructed, used, and treated, can inform us about how we see ourselves today and how we project into the future.

This exhibit is the result of countless meetings, friendly discussions and many interpretations of the many ways we negotiate within the Athenian idiosyncrasies and how we navigate through this city we currently call home.

Artists: Alfredo Pechuan (SP) will present a video installation based on obsolete technology or the analogical gaze; while recapitulating old electronic slides and primitive applications. Angeliki Chaido Tsoli (GR), will present a mixed media piece, referencing the title of the show through installation by the use of string and a replica of a traditional Greek statue. Marina Annousi (GR), she will present her view of everyday life in Athens through analog photography. Laura Ruiz (SP), her piece entitled DES-topia, is an installation where the crumbling, violent and uninhabitable landscape, exemplifies the parable of Greek society. Panagiotis Voulgaris (GR), will create a peculiar garden where the natural element coexists with the artificial in a place of contradictions, conflict and fragmentation of a bizarre reality. Nina Franco (BR), will present a series of photographs addressing the immigrant experience in Greece. Maria Galvan (SP), the title of her piece is DES-contentos, which through the use of traditional media, such as oil paint, will address her personal take on contemporary Greek life. Blanka Amezkua (MX/USA), will present a mixed media piece, honoring, “Μπέττη” (Betty), a street dog she has followed for the last four year in Athens.

Video edited by Alfredo Pechuan
Music by Gabrielle Marroni, "Il gguasto nella macchina sociale"